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Rise in Valley Fever May Be Tied to Climate Change

A disease caused by airborne fungus from the soil is common in the hot, dry Southwest, but researchers wonder whether it is spreading elsewhere because of climate change

Animals Are Also Victims of Valley Fever

Veterinarians are seeing more cases of Valley fever in pets, paralleling the rise in human cases. Jackson, a Boston terrier and pug mix, is one case.

Not Your Average Walk in the Park … Unless You Like Scorpions

A walk through the mountains of Catalina State Park was not without its obstacles: 98-degree heat and warnings of rattlesnakes and scorpions.

New Technology, Old Love

Maria Camila Bernal shoots a small video on her iPhone. She blogs about her love for horses and the lessons learned.

Drought Leaves Horses Neglected and Abused

Horses are being abandoned in Arizona and elsewhere in the country because the economy and the drought have made it too expensive to care for them. Some horses are used in drug smuggling; others are dropped off by their owners in isolated or residential neighborhoods.

James Barragan

Barragan, the youngest of two, was raised in Pomona, Calif. He grew up speaking fluent Spanish, reading The Los Angeles Times and dreaming of becoming a fiction writer.

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