Tucson 2013 Institute Has Now Concluded

The New York Times Student Journalism Institute for 2013 in Tucson, Ariz., is now closed. While this website will remain posted there will be no new reporting.

Finding Lisa

I put on my sunglasses with the round, olive-colored frames, drove to the factory, and sat in wait. Inside the building, the once-great designer, Lisa Frank, produced the heart-and-star-and-rainbow-covered folders that anyone who was anyone owned in elementary school.

I’ll Pay You Later…

I ripped off a taxi cab driver in Mexico, without meaning to. My phone died right before I was ready to get back to Nogales, Ariz. I’ll be back to pay him soon.

New Perspectives in Nogales, Mexico

Reporter Javier Panzar overcomes his fear of reporting in Spanish and finds new perspectives from those in truly alienating circumstances.

Not Your Average Walk in the Park … Unless You Like Scorpions

A walk through the mountains of Catalina State Park was not without its obstacles: 98-degree heat and warnings of rattlesnakes and scorpions.

The Wackiness of Spacefest V

Spacefest is an annual convention celebrating all things, well, space. Its third year in Tucson, Ariz., there were astronauts, intricate spaceship models, neato meteorite jewelry, and plenty of nerds. Nerds, by the way, are awesome. Without further ado, here’s a peek at the convention.

Hitting the Trail Sans Water Leads to a Great Interview

Halfway through the hike, after talking to a hiker who sipped from a water reservoir on his back, I realized my mistake. My water bottles were sitting on the roof of my car. As a native of Tucson, I should have known better.

A Native Spanish-Speaker Learns That Fluency Isn’t Always Enough

Spanish was James Barragan’s first language. He spoke it like a native speaker. Or so he thought until he put in a few long-distance phone calls to Mexico for a story.

A Vacation for the Hernándezes

For the first time in their lives Kristian and Danya Hernández move into a college dorm. The two are the only married couple participating together in The New York Times Student Journalism Institute this year.

Even Vulcans Have Passion for Stars at Space Fest

Where Institute reporter Joe Fitzgerald meets a Trekkie who helped NASA research health conditions for manned missions to Mars.

Driving Into the Desert

For two men from Wisconsin, a trip to Ajo, Ariz., was almost surreal. The desert, the remote outpost of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, the work thee officers have to do, combined to make an impression.

“Howdy, Pardner,” from the Institute’s Cowpokes

Sleep deprived and deep into editing our copy, the cowpokes of the Tucson, Ariz. based New York Times Student Journalism Institute say “Howdy, pardner” in two quick Vines

New Technology, Old Love

Maria Camila Bernal shoots a small video on her iPhone. She blogs about her love for horses and the lessons learned.

A Family That’s Its Own Village

On assignment an hour south of Tucson, I found thousands of cacti and a village of 500 cousins.

The Big Picture

Art collectives regularly adorn their buildings with chaotic, vibrant imagery, but so do many businesses in the area, giving Tucson’s downtown and arts district a distinct feel.

Saturn and Cocktails Are a Wonderful Mix

Reporter Joe Fitzgerald, rum and Coke in hand, sees another planet with his own eyes for the very first time.

Meet My Friend, White Space

Vanessa blogs about the steps she took to get the final layout of the plane graveyard photo essay and story page. Read as she explains why she didn’t pick two of the three versions.

Moonlight Over Kitt Peak

Moonlight illuminates the buildings at Kitt Peak National Observatory shortly after sunset on the Tohono O’odham reservation in southern Arizona. From photographer Molly J. Smith: “I waited for over an hour after sunset for the sun to dip enough below the horizon that a blue night sky appeared.”

Stories to Write, and Stories to Tell

In its eleventh year, The New York Times Student Journalism Institute welcomes 23 students from nine states to Tucson, Ariz., where they will spend two weeks working with editors from The Times and The Boston Globe and Tucson.

NYTSJI 2013: Under Way

The 2013 class of The New York Times Student Journalism Institute started in Tucson, Ariz. Twenty-three students will tackle Tucson news for two weeks with the assistance of reporters and editors from The New York Times and The Boston Globe.