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Art in the Desert

Colombian middle-aged welder goes from making jungle gyms to sculpture, inspired by Tucson local artists.

Where Everybody Knows His Name: It’s on the Bar

Everybody who goes to the Tap Room at the Hotel Congress in Tucson will know the name of its longtime bartender, if they don’t already: The bar was renamed for the bartender in honor of his 80th birthday.

Taps: A Fading Tune

Old soldiers, and sailors, fade away, and on Memorial Day, a buglar plays Taps. But as the soldiers fade away, so are the buglers able to play Taps at the funerals.

Maria Camila Bernal

Maria Camila Bernal doesn’t care where she does journalism — as long as it’s forever. Bernal, 22, has worked at The Miami Herald, Telemundo and NBC 6 South. She’s a graduate of Florida International University.

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