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37 Years Later, a Murder Suspect Is Found

Donna Marie Smith was found dead in 1976, an apparent victim of domestic violence. Yet her murder would go unsolved for decades. That is, until two cold-case detectives in Tucson picked up the case earlier this year, finally getting the break that Smith’s family had been long awaiting.

Art in the Desert

Colombian middle-aged welder goes from making jungle gyms to sculpture, inspired by Tucson local artists.

Marina Villeneuve

Marina’s story began when she was six months old in a Colombian orphanage. Raised by white parents, she fights to embrace her identity and become a righteous Latina journalist.

Nogales Fire Spreads; May Hint at Bad Season

A wildfire near Nogales has quadrupled since it began last Friday – but fire officials, who have contained 40 percent, say the only threat to nearby residents will be smoky air, not damage to nearby structures. Wildfires may be frequent in 2013, with experts predicting an “above normal” season.

The Border

A desert flower growing on the U.S. side of the border fence in Nogales, Ariz.

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