Marina Villeneuve

Marina’s story began when she was six months old in a Colombian orphanage. Raised by white parents, she fights to embrace her identity and become a righteous Latina journalist.

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Cuts Affect Health Care for Indians

Adequate health care on Indian reservations becomes a larger problem as federal cuts mean fewer medical referrals, delays in renovations and longer waits. The Indian Health Service provides care for two million Native Americans; it faces a $220 million cut through October.

Tombstone, Where Shots Are Heard ’Round the World

Bang! Bang! You look the part! The daily spectacle of Tombstone, where the Old West has a showdown with international tourism and cowboy street theater.

Tucson’s Hot and High Extremes, Seen From Two Wheels

Tucson has risen to become America’s most bike-friendly area, according to The Atlantic. Hundreds of bikers meet during the weekends to ride Arizona’s trails despite the temperatures, which can reach close to 100 degrees during May.

Nogales Wildfire Spreads to 10,775 Acres; Area Closed for Public Safety

Firefighters have now contained 70 percent of the Nogales wildfire, which has spread to 10,775 acres and forced the temporary closure of a portion of the Coronado National Forest and Sierra Vista Ranger District.

Giovanny Pinto

Fausto Giovanny Pinto does the kind of journalism that points out and dives into what others overlook. A master’s candidate at CUNY, he will continue this work at Newsday this summer.

Nogales Fire Spreads; May Hint at Bad Season

A wildfire near Nogales has quadrupled since it began last Friday – but fire officials, who have contained 40 percent, say the only threat to nearby residents will be smoky air, not damage to nearby structures. Wildfires may be frequent in 2013, with experts predicting an “above normal” season.